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Debt Consolidation

• Is the burden of debt is weighing you down
• Struggling to keep up with all your bills
• Worried about losing your home
• Can’t see any sign of things improving

• Help you break free from the burden of debt
• We can help consolidate all your debts
• Negotiate with all your creditors
• Arrange realistic time frames for debt repayment

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We are experienced personal insolvency practitioners and we can help you find positive solutions to your financial problems and help you get you afloat again.

  • Debt settlement arrangements (DSA’s)
  • Personal Insolvency Arrangements (PIA’s)
  • Informal schemes of arrangement
  • Debt restructuring

The Personal Insolvency Act 2012 has introduced a number of formal options for dealing with personal debt and also amended the existing bankruptcy legislation. The options available to you will depend on how much is owed, the type of debt and your income and assets. Click on the headings below for more details:


  • Types of Insolvency solutions
    Type of debt covered Up to €20,000 Unsecured only No limit No limited (unsecured) Up to €3m secured Debts > €20k
    Duration 3 Years 5 Years (+1) 6 Years (+1) 3 Years
    Apply through Apply via MABS Apply via Personal Insolvency Practitioner Apply via Personal Insolvency Practitioner High Court
    Approval Creditors discretion to co-operate 65% of creditors must approve 65% creditor approval & > 50% secured by value & > 50% of unsecured by value Not applicable
    Click here to find out more Click here to find out more Click here to find out more Click here to find out more

You cannot apply on your own for a DRN, DSA or PIA. You must apply through an Approved Intermediary (for a DRN) or a Personal Insolvency Practitioner (for a DSA or PIA).

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